Types of abdominal exercises in the gym and how to apply them

Types of abdominal exercises in the gym and how to apply them

Types of abdominal exercises in the gym and how to apply them

Types of abdominal exercises in the gym and how to apply them

types of abdominal exercises in the gym and how to apply them is one of the things that many are looking for.  The gym is also what we will mention in detail below.

The importance of abdominal exercises

 Fitness experts have spoken that if you go to the gym, there is no reason not to lose a lot of belly fat in particular, as it is one of the most difficult areas to lose weight.

 Although a low-calorie, healthy diet can lead to weight loss, combining them regularly makes you lose weight in a healthy and balanced way and maintain your current weight.

 While abdominal exercises and other exercises can help you lose weight your whole body, resulting in a healthier and more consistent appearance.

 Abdominal exercises for men Some men suffer from sagging in the abdomen and chest area, which is very embarrassing for them, especially when they go out to the sea, so you can get rid of this fat and sagging through various exercises.

 The muscular structure of each person is different, so you must know the exercises that are suitable for you to help you get rid of the embarrassing sagging condition. You can tighten your stomach, but do not tighten your muscles to make your body healthy and natural.

For men, one of the best tummy tucks is to stretch backwards, working the palms under the head, while raising the legs as high as possible before you can achieve it.  You can lower it but this time slowly and repeat it about 20 times in 3 sets and after a while you will find that the result is unique you will find the shape that suits you and you can also switch between your feet.

Abdominal exercises for women For many women, it is difficult to get a flat and tight tummy, and the muscles of men and women are not very different, but women have a wider pelvis and a higher central part of the abdomen, which can make the abdomen flat and tight.  But it is not impossible to achieve the dream of a tummy, but it requires a lot of effort. The total fat in the body must be reduced by eating fewer calories and exercising.

 How to do abdominal exercises at home At first people need some simple exercises that will not cause stress to the body, especially in the first fitness and from here the abdominal muscles begin to strengthen to remove fat completely, thus burning calories and the appearance is somewhat decent.

 A person can perform abdominal exercises by sleeping on his back, and he must stay on the floor and bend his knees to a certain degree, and he must extend his arms above the knees, and try to put his nose on the bodice.

 While sleeping on the back, bend your knees, stretch your arms forward, roll it to the chest, raise your shoulders off the floor and then tighten the abdomen to the spine, then after that you should extend your hand forward, and do not put your shoulders on the floor.

 For the third exercise you can do, lying on the floor with your legs on the ceiling, bend your elbows, place your hands on your chest, roll your chin toward your chest, extend your shoulders off the floor and arms to touch the reflexive feet.

 Abdominal exercises on machines The abdomen is divided into upper and lower parts. Some people may think that these two parts are a different group of muscles. The abdomen consists of a group of deep muscles called the transverse muscles, and the other group is called the six abdominal muscles.

 While working out on the abdominal machine in the gym, these exercises will benefit the lower and upper body at the same time while some exercises are more focused on the lower part.

 While other exercises may be concentrated at the top, now that you know how the abdominal machine works, you should understand the equipment used.

 Types of abdominal exercises in the gym and how to apply them

 You need to do a variety of exercises in an organized manner with a fitness trainer, because focusing on just one exercise usually does not lead to the desired results and you usually have to wait for the stomach to tighten and the muscles to tighten.

 Do the following aerobic exercises for 30 minutes, 3 times a week. This can include 30 minutes of strength training twice a week. Walking and jogging are the two best exercises you can do on the treadmill in the gym.

 The treadmill is one of the most effective equipment for strengthening the abdominal muscles, but it cannot directly train your muscles, but it can increase the heart rate and train the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.  Sit on the machine bench with both knees bent, then start moving the right knee first, then the left knee, and repeat and slowly rotate as required.

  •  (Seated Crunch Machine)

It's one of the few machines designed specifically for the abdominal muscles, and it works with weights that can generate resistance. The types of machines are different. Some machines have padded chest straps, and some machines have handles that can hold them, and they work in much the same way.

 Sit in the seat of the machine, press your back firmly against the back panel of the machine, then adjust the weight Start with a light weight until you feel the movement and then increase your weight, adjusting the chest strap (if any) so that it is approximately parallel to the armpit.

 Work the abdominal muscles by pressing on the chest pad or pulling the upper handle while pulling the device towards the spine and abdomen towards the knees, exercise as much as possible and do not strain your back muscles. Pause after completing the procedure, then return to the starting position again.

  • Kneeling Cable Crunch

This machine is usually found in the middle of the gym, using similar machines it is based on cables and you can do unlimited exercises on this machine some of them strengthen the abdominal muscles and the equipment will target all the abdominal muscles.  Use the cables for this exercise, adjust the weight and start the movement, kneeling on the floor in front of the pile of heavy objects, holding both ends of the cable rope with each hand, then pull it over your head, put your wrist over your head, tighten your abdominal muscles and return to the initial position.

  •  Sit in the Captain's

The third abdominal trainer is the captain's chair, which is not a machine per se but you will usually find the same area as a weightlifting machine in the gym, formerly classified as an abdominal exerciser that can improve muscle activation.

 It is a stable device without moving parts and looks like a chaise longue without a chair. Put your arm on the padded support of the device, grab the free throw, press the back and let your legs hang.

 As you slowly raise your knees toward your chest, contract your abdominal muscles, return your legs to the starting position, so you can get as much use out of the gym equipment as possible.

 We have mentioned the types of abdominal exercises in the gym and how to apply them. If you suffer from belly fat or flabbiness, you should immediately resort to them in order to maintain your health and your general appearance, as these exercises come with the best results.

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