Top 10 Free Fitness Apps of 2022 and the last one will amaze you

 Top 10 Free Fitness Apps of 2022 and the last one will amaze you

Top 10 Free Fitness Apps of 2022 and the last one will amaze you - fitness women
Top 10 Free Fitness Apps of 2022

There are already over 3 million applications available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. It benefits sports in general and physical fitness in particular, but the individual is no longer able to select the finest and most appropriate for him.
But don't worry, since we have supplied you with crucial information and have chosen the 9 top fitness apps for you to test out based on the sport you participate in.
All of these apps are completely free. However, there are paid choices available. These apps are also available for both Android and iOS.

    1. Strong workout tracker Gym log

    Strong workout tracker Gym log 

    Strong delivers everything you need to effectively document your workouts as soon as possible, whether you're a novice or an expert lifter. There will be no more pen and paper at the gym!
    Strong is meant to help you obtain greater outcomes from your workouts, whether you want to develop strength, muscular mass, or just stay healthy.
    Strong is designed for a progressive iron regimen such as Start Strength or StrongLifts 5x5, but it is readily adapted to any other routine!

    • The most user-friendly layout of any fitness software on Google Play • A complete choice of cardio and strength workouts • Add your own programs and routines and effortlessly switch between them • Detailed exercise instructions with a growing collection of animated movies
    • PROFESSIONAL STATISTICS Displaying your own records, progress, one rep count, and total weight lifted!
    • Built-in automated countdown timer to aid in recording breaks • Support for a variety of workout styles, including duration and aided body weight activities
    • Record warm-up, fail, or fall sets; • Record supersets and group workouts; and • Track your development using volume and 1RM graphs.
    • Cloud Sync will automatically backup your files!
    • With Google Fit compatibility, you may use the built-in body tracker to record your weight and other vitals.
    • Warm-up calculator that informs you what weights to use to warm up • Plate Calculator When Weights Increase Support imperial (lb) and metric (kg) measurements, or a combination of the two 
    • Make notes on your workouts Sharing Sheet makes it easier than ever to share routines and workouts with pals!
    • Email all of your data in CSV format.

    Watch the video  : Strong Workout Tracker Tutorial

    Download here :

    2. Jefit 

    This software, like Strong, allows you to log your workouts. The software comes with pre-registered workouts and programs, and you may add your own. You may also set up routines, track your progress over time, and keep track of your weight and body measurements. You gain access to the Jefit community and the training programs they make using the app, something Strong does not provide.

    JEFIT is used by over 10 million individuals to log their exercises and alter their bodies.

    JEFIT, the leading workout tracker and planner, offers a free exercise database to assist you in staying fit. With our workout collection, you may make progress at the gym or at home. Beginner programs like as 5x5, 531, stronglifts, 3-4 day splits, and beginning strength are available, as are advanced bodybuilding, weightlifting, and powerlifting routines. JEFIT is the only exercise software you need, whether you have specialist equipment, only a kettlebell, or limited room and only your bodyweight.

    Who is this software intended for?

    If you've ever kept a fitness notebook or planner, you know how vital it is to keep track of and document your workouts. Whether you're a novice or an established lifter, JEFIT can help you achieve your strength or weight objectives. The app is intended to inspire you by paying you for continuous training, challenging yourself to new personal records, and committing to community challenges.


    Web or app - Fitness tracker in app and training plan editor accessible through PC.
    Wear OS app - Easily measure progress and maintain concentration while working out at the gym or at home.
    Track Workouts - In the fitness tracker, enter your workouts, weights, and reps, and we'll show you the outcomes of your training.
    Exercise Database - 1400+ professional demos with HD video
    Intuitive Tools - includes a rest timer, supersets, interval timer, body measuring system, and, most significantly, a training planner and tracker.
    Training Programs - Created exercise routines for 3, 4, or 5 day splits, weight reduction, stronglifts, 5x5, beginning strength, bodybuilding, 531, weightlifting, powerlifting, GZCLP, Greyskull, home workouts, or create your own.

    Stay Motivated - Participate in our quarterly strength challenges with actual rewards and receive encouragement from other gym attendees or home fitness experts in the community.
    Set goals - Do you want to reduce weight, get slim, grow stronger, or exercise regularly? In JEFIT's personalized journal, you may create a strategy to achieve your objectives.
    Add Friends - Meet new fitness friends in our community. 
    You might even be able to locate someone to accompany you to the gym.

    Beginner programs - Stronglifts, 5x5, Starting Strength, 3 day splits Advanced programs - Powerlifting, bodybuilding, 531, GZCLP, Greyskull Muscle targeted programs - Abs, Arms, Glutes, Fat and Weight Loss, Toning Personalized workout plans built by personal trainers Specific equipment based exercise plans- Squat Racks, Barbells, Kettlebells, Dumbbells
    Bodyweight or little equipment - bands, mats, machine alone, core focused kettlebells, cardio, circuit training, space restricted routines.
    Tools and characteristics that are unique
    Fully configurable rest timer Supersets and circuit training programs Interval timer, set notes, and a 1 Rep Max calculator Body analytics and a weekly exercise calendar Social feed with beneficial fitness advice and community contests Save exercises to the cloud and share them with friends or a personal trainer.

    In our database, we have 1,400+ exercises backed by full HD videos: barbell, dumbbell, machines, cable, band
    Static Movements, Planks, Stretching, Abs Bodyweight, Kettlebell, Core Create bespoke training exercises Cardio, Elliptical, Rowing, Bike, Swimming.

    Benchmarking, analysis, and recommendations

    Audio reminders throughout workouts Personalized charts for lifting volume Benchmark against other users or a gym companion Weekly progress reports Personalized Record PR log.

    3. Nike Training Club

    A Nike app that includes over 185 workouts in categories like strength, endurance, yoga, and mobility. The app also generates plans based on your goals, the amount of equipment you want to use, and the number of workouts you want to do per week. The app also provides workout recommendations based on your training history, as well as exercise demonstration videos.

    Take advantage of free on-demand live exercises and programs that can be done in any room and with any equipment. Put your health first by following expert advice on nutrition, mindset, sleep, and other topics.

    New Workout Routines

    Try our new 'Strong MEs for Tough Runs' and 'Keep Active on Vacations' sets.

    New Workouts

    Agility of a Athlete Continue to strengthen your core muscles to improve your jumping and running and to prevent injury.

    Watch the video  :  Nike Training Club

    Download here :

    Android :  Nike Training Club

    4. Nike Run Club

    Another Nike app, but this time it's for runners. Track your progress by registering your workouts on the app. You'll also be a part of the Nike Run community, where you can compare your progress with others.

    Nike Run Club: Your Ultimate Running Resource.

    5k to 10k, Half Marathon or more - the Nike Run Club running app has everything you need to get started, stay motivated, and enjoy running more. Guided Runs**, Training Plans*, a pace tracker, mile counter, running log, distance tracker, and other features are all available.

    Whether you're a coach or a member of the community, training with NRC gives you the support you need to reach your fitness goals. Join the Nike community and get started with Training Plans* that are tailored to your pace. You have all the tools you need to run confidently with Guided Runs** and training tips selected by an NRC running coach. Running workout motivation is available. Take advantage of the expertise of a top Nike running coach or athlete. From running tips for beginners to a Half Marathon Training Plan*, NRC has you covered.

    Our expert coaches - and some Nike legends - have your back with NRC's Guided Runs**, providing encouragement, guidance, and a voice to look forward to every familiar time. There's a Guided Run** for everyone, whether it's a 5k or a 10k, long or short.
    Whether you're a coach or a member of the community, training with NRC gives you the support you need to reach your fitness goals. Join the Nike community and get started with Training Plans* that are tailored to your pace. You have all the tools you need to run confidently with Guided Runs** and training tips selected by an NRC running coach. Running workout motivation is available. Take advantage of the expertise of a top Nike running coach or athlete. From running tips for beginners to a Half Marathon Training Plan*, NRC has you covered.

    Our expert coaches - and some Nike legends - have your back with NRC's Guided Runs**, providing encouragement, guidance, and a voice to look forward to every familiar time. There's a Guided Run** for everyone, whether it's a 5k or a 10k, long or short.

    • Running for beginners or regulars - expert coach advice and training plans for all levels
    • NRC Training Plans provide you with a goal to work toward and the guidance you need to get there*.
    • Half Marathon training, 4-Week Get Started Training Plan, and more - Choose Training Plans that are right for you*
    • Running fitness, mindset, and recovery tips to help you connect your mind and body
    • Running trainer, expert coach, elite athlete, or entertainer - Use audio Guided Runs** to get motivation and inspiration from Nike's best, including Eliud Kipchoge and Tom Sachs.
    • Running coach guidance with NRC's Guided Runs - you're never alone on the road*
    • Receive or send audio cheers from friends during the race.


    • Earn badges and trophies for streaks and distances ranging from 5K to 10K, Half Marathon, and beyond.
    • Earn badges and trophies for streaks and personal bests from 5K to 10K, Half Marathon, and beyond. • Pace, distance, or both - Monitor and celebrate your progress toward your objectives. SHOE TAGGING & MILE COUNTER 
    • Track the running miles on all of your shoes, even if they aren't Nikes • Record your running speed for each pair - learn which ones you run the fastest pace in
    • Running challenges can be distributed through social media or messaging.
    • Break your running log bests and receive a virtual high five from your global run club.
    • Participate in NRC weekly and monthly running challenges, or create your own and invite your friends.
    • Training, distance runs, or other - Enjoy your run and let us know when you need a new pair.
    • THE FOOD
    • Receive holistic training advice, stories, and product drops • Learn to run at your own pace with Nike coach and athlete tips 
    • Personalize activity posts and control who sees them to stay up to date on your friends' fitness journeys.

    NRC will encourage you stride after stride. Download it now.

    NRC syncs workouts and records heart-rate data with Google Fit.

    Continuous use of GPS in the background can reduce battery life.
    *Training Plans available in the US, UK, JP, CN, BR, FR, DE, ES, IT. **Guided Runs available in select countries.

    Watch the video  : Nike Run Club

    Download here :

    Android :  Nike Run Club

    5. Strava

    This app is suitable for cycling, swimming, and running. Strava allows you to track your performance and progress over time. You can, for example, track your distance, speed, altitude, and calories burned.

    You will also have access to the Strava user community. You can follow other users and share your progress.

    Finally, it includes pre-programmed running and cycling routes, as well as monthly challenges/competitions to keep you motivated.

    Using the Strava activity tracker, you can keep track of your fitness. Record routes, map your favorite bike trail or run, and analyze your workouts with all of the stats – all for free!

    Are you preparing for a marathon or simply enjoy going for a bike ride? Strava turns your phone into a sophisticated cycling or running tracker. Using the Strava distance tracker and mile counter, you can try out a new trail or even track your running speed. Join millions of other active people in achieving your goals!

    Strava Running and Cycling GPS

    Strava Activity Tracker Fitness Training: 3 Ways to Train Smarter

    1. Track and analyze running routes: Keep track of your distance, swim pace, cycle speed, elevation gain, and calories burned.
    2. Plan your journey: Mix up your run, swim, or ride by taking advantage of the world's largest trail network.
    3. Training challenges: Push yourself with monthly challenges and compete against others.


    • Track your running, cycling, and swimming performance over time. 
    • Track distance, pace, speed, elevation gained, and calories burnt on every run.


    • Post routes on your Strava feed so that friends and followers may remark and share their own
    •  progress Share the route map and images from your most recent bike ride Join Clubs of brands, teams, and friends for events and community building.


    • Set your fitness objectives and get personalized training regimens. Use the distance tracker to establish your own time or segment objectives.
    • Get immediate response
    • Receive real-time feedback to help you train safer and perform better.


    • Has your marathon training reached a stalemate? Track your distance and improve your performance with Strava's running tracker, and gain access to personalised programs with Premium.
    •  Use your gadget as a personal trainer for triathlon or marathon training.

    Strava activity tracker may be used for a variety of activities in addition to running and cycling:

    • Swimming
    • Skiing in the Alps
    • Go hiking
    • Cross-training
    • Kayaking
    • Mountain Climbing
    • Go surfing
    • Meditation
    • Running inside
    • Cycling inside
    • Workouts at the gym
    ...and many, many more!

    Download here :

    Android :  Strava
    iOS : Strava

    6. MyFitnessPal

    A calorie counter where you may record everything you consume. With this software, you'll have access to the most comprehensive food database of any calorie tracker (more than 6 million foods available). If that isn't enough, you can design meals that don't already exist in the database.

    Watch the video :

    Download here : 

    Android :  MyFitnessPal

    7. Daily Yoga

    Daily Yoga

    Healthline named it the best Yoga app of 2018. It includes over 50 yoga classes and over 400 yoga asanas. You'll get access to sessions ranging in length from 5 to 45 minutes, as well as three forms of strength training (low, medium, high).

    Watch the video :

    Download here :

    Android : Daily Yoga

    8. Map My Run by Under Armour

    ‏Map My Run by Under Armour allows you to measure your progress in more than 60 activities, including yoga, tennis, football, running, cycling, and bodybuilding.

    It also works with other applications and devices such as Fitbit, Garmin Connect, MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, Samsung Health, and others.
    Finally, like many of the other applications discussed here, you'll have access to the Endomondo community.

    Whether you're new to fitness or a seasoned runner, this app provides everything you need to keep on track and inspired to reach your objectives. Get customisable Training Plans, individualized coaching advice to make running simpler, and an inspirational community of over 60 million athletes who share your passion to health and fitness.

    Watch the video :

    9. Calm

    Calm This software is for you if you need help lowering stress and anxiety, enhancing attention, and improving sleep quality.
    Calm is a meditation and mindfulness app including guided meditations, bedtime tales, breathing exercises, and peaceful music.
    Furthermore, it is endorsed by prominent psychologists, therapists, and mental health specialists.

    Calm - meditate, sleep, and unwind
    Calm is the most popular sleep and meditation app. Explore a happier, healthier self with our meditations, sleep tales, music, and other resources.

    Calm is intended for whom?

    Calm is suitable for anybody, whether they are new to meditation or seasoned practitioners. It's also suitable for anyone in need of a mental break, a relaxing sound, or a restful night's sleep. Our guided meditations range in duration from 3 to 25 minutes, allowing you to choose the appropriate length for your needs.

    Watch the video :

    Download here :

    Android : Calm
    iOS : Calm

    10. SweatCoin

    Sweatcoin Walking Tracker

    Sweatcoin is a new addition to step counting and activity monitoring applications that turns your steps into money that you can use to purchase electronics, sports and fitness equipment, services, and activities.
    Sweatcoin is the new generation's accomplishment tracker. Spend your sweatcoins on items, services, and activities offered by our online marketplace partners. You can also share it with your friends and family and give to charitable organizations using the Sweatcoin app.
    The more fit and healthy you get, the more wealthy you become. Movement is valuable!
    Sweatcoins may be earned whether you workout at home or outside. Sweatcoin's activity tracker allows you to keep track of your progress by counting steps and monitoring activity as you workout.

    Download Sweatcoin to take advantage of free deals on our online marketplace, which is jam-packed with discounts and unique stuff.
    Sweatcoin is the ideal app for remaining healthy, whether you want to get back in shape, reduce weight, or track your fitness level.
    Sweatcoin may be used on your smartphone (Android or iPhone) as well as your wristwatch (currently on Apple Watch, soon on Android Wear). To get started, you only need to take one step!.


    Donate to vital charities simply by passing by. Sweatcoins may be used to aid with a variety of humanitarian endeavors. After you contribute your sweatcoins to charity, we will provide these organizations bank cash (such as dollars, pounds, or euros).


    Sweatcoin calculates your steps using its own algorithm. This means that, unlike other apps, we never monitor nor save your location.

    Features include: Pedometer:

    Sweatcoin will count your steps, distance, and average pedometer in the background without consuming battery power.

    Online Marketplace:

    Receive free unique deals, rewards, and discounts that you will not find anywhere.

    Watch the video :

    Download here :

    Android : Sweatcoin

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